Installation Instructions

B-Quiet Ultimate/Extreme Sound Deadener Installation Instructions

  1. The surface you are applying the B-Quiet Ultimate/Extreme to, should be clean of dust, moisture, grease and other foreign materials.
  2. Measure and cut off a piece of B-Quiet Ultimate/Extreme using scissors or a utility knife. Don't cut pieces too small, as it'll just take longer to apply. Keeping the pieces around a square foot will speed the process greatly.
  3. Heating B-Quiet Ultimate/Extreme (with a heat gun or hair-dryer) before applying is not required as is the case with many other deadeners. As long as it is applied at or above room temperature, it will form a very strong bond.
  4. Peel the paper backing off, and slowly lay the material down inch by inch. Take your time and slowly push the material into the contours of the panels.
  5. Remember to mark off any clip holes and/or screw holes that will be covered, so you can cut them out as soon as a sheet has been applied.

B-Quiet Vcomp application instructions


  1. Always apply the foam side of Vcomp towards the source of the noise
  2. Use a knife or scissors to cut Vcomp to the required size
  3. If applying to anything other than the floor of a vehicle, a spray adhesive will be needed to secure the Vcomp to the panel. Follow the directions on the spray adhesive can for best results.
  4. Press Vcomp firmly into place
  5. For optimum noise reduction, use in conjunction with one of our damping products (the damping material should be installed first, followed by Vcomp over top)


B-Quiet Hliner application instructions


  1. Use a knife or scissors to cut Hliner to the required size before removing the backing to expose the adhesive.
  2. Thoroughly clean the surface to ensure it's free of moisture, dust, oil/grease or other foreign materials.
  3. Remove the paper backing to expose the adhesive
  4. Bend Hliner slightly and attach it to the panel. Slowly apply inch by inch until it's completely attached
  5. Go over the entire surface of Hliner and ensure that it's been firmly pressed into place