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Ford pickup trucks and B-Quiet Automotive Sound Deadening

For many years Ford pickup truck owners have regularly complained about loud engine, gear and transmission noises. The noise occurs after driving the truck at high speeds and can be caused by a bigger and/or diesel engine, lose rivets on the frame, or minimal sound proofing during manufacturing. If you love your Ford pickup truck but wish for quieter ride, offers a simple and inexpensive solution called automotive sound deadening products.

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The Truck Sound Deadening Problem: Ford F150 Sound Deadening

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The Truck Sound Deadening Problem

  • Loud Engines
  • Lacking Sound Deadening
  • Loud 4x4 Drivetrain
  • Loud Tire Noise
  • Ford pickup trucks, renowned for their durability and strength, have traditionally been built with powerful engines and rugged exhaust systems, factors that contribute significantly to their loudness. The very features that enable these trucks to perform heavy-duty tasks, such as hauling large payloads or navigating rough terrain, also result in increased engine and exhaust noise. The V8 engines, common in many Ford truck models, are particularly noted for their deep, throaty rumble. While this sound can be a sign of power and reliability, it also translates to elevated noise levels, which become more pronounced in the cabin due to less-than-optimal sound insulation in some models.
  • Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the high noise levels in the cabins of Ford pickup trucks for several reasons. Primarily, the constant engine and road noise can be fatiguing on long drives, reducing the comfort levels and overall driving experience. Despite advancements in automotive interior design, some Ford trucks lag in incorporating noise-dampening materials compared to competitors, leading to a cabin that echoes every rev of the engine and hum of the road. This persistent noise isn't just a nuisance; it can also overshadow the audio system, make conversations difficult, and, over time, even strain the driver's and passengers' hearing.
  • Moreover, in today's market, where consumers are seeking vehicles that offer not just utility but also comfort and luxury, the excessive noise in Ford pickup trucks becomes a significant drawback. Users looking for a peaceful cabin environment, akin to what is offered by various SUVs and sedans, are left disappointed. The noise issue also suggests a disparity between exterior toughness and interior refinement, prompting potential buyers to consider alternatives that promise both robust performance and a quiet, comfortable interior space. This dissatisfaction has been vocalized in consumer reviews and forums, indicating a pressing need for Ford to address noise reduction in the cabin in future models.

B-Quiet Already

B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadening can be easily applied to your Ford pickup truck. Ultimate Sound Deadener is a peel and stick material which can be applied to all metal surfaces in your Ford pickup truck. It absorbs structural and mechanical vibrations from gears, engines, transmission, tire and road noise, converting them into low level heat.

Ford Sound Deadening

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How to apply Ultimate Sound Deadener to your Ford pickup Truck

B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener can be applied to your Ford pickup truck in a few key places, such as the dash, doors and floor. To apply B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener to the dash and doors of your Ford pickup truck, simply remove the interior panels and peel and stick the ultimate sound deadening material to these surfaces. The floorboard can also be covered in B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener by removing the seats and carpet, which takes only a couple of hours to complete.  

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Pick Up Truck Packages

The B-Quiet Sound Deadening pickup truck package is a game-changer for Ford truck enthusiasts and any pickup owner who yearns for a quieter, more comfortable ride. Available in three different variants.   This comprehensive solution dramatically reduces the intrusive noise typical in the cabin, thanks to its multifaceted approach to sound suppression. Firstly, the package includes 1 x 50-Foot Rolls of B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadening, a material revered for its ability to absorb vibrations and dissipate any noise emanating from the floors, doors, and rear wall. This product's effectiveness lies in its unique composition, designed specifically to target and counteract the common noise pathways in trucks.

Additionally, the inclusion of 1 x Sheet of VComp Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Absorber is a strategic masterstroke, particularly for its placement over the transmission tunnel — an area notorious for transmitting engine and road noise directly into the cabin. VComp is engineered not only to block noise but also to serve as a thermal barrier, making the cabin more insulated against both sound and temperature extremes, a crucial comfort feature for long rides or extreme climates.

The package is rounded off with a practical tool, the application roller, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free installation process. This roller is essential for proper adhesion, eliminating air pockets and enabling the materials to contour perfectly to the truck's interior surfaces. It's the attention to such details that elevates the B-Quiet Sound Deadening package from a mere accessory to a vital investment for enhancing the driving experience. By dramatically reducing noise pollution in the cabin, this package allows drivers and passengers to enjoy conversations, listen to music, and appreciate the powerful performance of their Ford trucks without the customary roar.

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Cost of B-Quiet Automotive Sound Deadener Products?

Your Ford pickup truck can be outfitted with B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadening starting at only $275 and the results will be quieter ride. Buy yours today at 

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